Thursday, February 16, 2006

THROUGH 0200Z February 17, 2006

Florida Panhandle/Alabama:
A fire in the Blackwater River State Forest just north of Munson in
Santa Rosa county is producing a nearly 140 mile long plume of moderately
dense smoke that extended into central portions of Alabama as far north
as Shelby county.

Southeast States:
Widespread fire activity over the Southeast from the central Florida
Panhandle to southern North Carolina are producing numerous thin
smoke plumes that extend north/northwest from their respective fires.
Highest concentration of smoke plumes appear to be centered over east
central Georgia from the vicinity of Macon east/northeast to near Augusta.

A fire over western Armstrong county in Texas was producing a thin
smoke plume that extended 20 miles south into portions of eastern
Swisher county.

A fire along the Murray/Carter county border in Oklahoma was producing
a smoke plume that extended 40 miles to the south/southeast into Grayson
county, Texas.

A fire over Wilson county, Texas had a thin smoke plume that extended
35 miles north into Guadalupe county.

A fire over eastern Coos county was producing a smoke plume that extended
45 miles east/northeast into western portions of Douglas county.



Unless otherwise indicated:
  • Areas of smoke are analyzed using GOES-EAST and GOES-WEST Visible satellite imagery.
  • Only a general description of areas of smoke or significant smoke plumes will be analyzed.
  • A quantitative assessment of the density/amount of particulate or the vertical distribution is not included.
  • Widespread cloudiness may prevent the detection of smoke even from significant fires.