Thursday, June 8, 2006

THROUGH 0130Z June 09, 2006.

A very large fire burning in the Sept-Iles Port-Cartier Province Wildlife
Reserve is producing a large area of very thick smoke.  The smoke is
moving west northwest across Quebec. This fire has been burning for
several days.
Multiples fires burning in the wildlife reserves of Lacs-Albanel-
Mistassini-Et-Waconichi Province, Assinica Province and Ashuapmushuan
Province are emitting areas of moderately dense smoke moving north
across western Quebec.  The full extent of the smoke is not possible
to see due to cloud cover.  The smoke movement of the fires mentioned
above are being affected by the low off Maine.

Northwest Saskatchewan:
Multiple fires producing moderately dense smoke are located south of
Lake Athabasca.  The smoke is moving north northwest across the province.
Some of these fires are located in the Athabasca Sand Dunes Province Park.

A fire burning in north Palm Beach county is emitting an area of light
smoke moving west across Martin county, Lake Okeechobee, and Glades
county in south Florida.  In north Florida, a fire is burning in Baker
county producing light smoke moving northeast across Nassau county in
Florida and Charlton county in Georgia.

J Kibler


Unless otherwise indicated:
  • Areas of smoke are analyzed using GOES-EAST and GOES-WEST Visible satellite imagery.
  • Only a general description of areas of smoke or significant smoke plumes will be analyzed.
  • A quantitative assessment of the density/amount of particulate or the vertical distribution is not included.
  • Widespread cloudiness may prevent the detection of smoke even from significant fires.