Sunday July 30, 2006

THROUGH 1530Z July 30, 2006

Northwest and Northern Plains of the US:

Multiple fires in northwestern California have formed a thick blanket of
smoke throughout the mountain valleys northwest of Redding. The higher
level smoke from these fires extends northeast across southeastern
Oregon and into the lower panhandle of Idaho.  In west central Oregon a
fire in the Deschutes National Forest is producing a short thick plume
of smoke moving east. In northcentral Washington the     fires in the
Okanogan-Wenatchee National Forests continue to produce  smoke that is now
moving east for currently a short distance.  In Idaho a thin plume can be
seen moving east northeast to the state line from  a fire in the Payette
National Forest. Raging fires in Glacier National Park continue to emit
dense smoke east across northern Montana and  over the border into the
southern Canadian provinces of Alberta, Saskatchewan and Manitoba. This
smoke then joins with smoke from several fires in the Nebraska National
Forest of extreme northwest Nebraska that then covers eastern Wyoming and
then spreads north to cover most of the Dakotas east across Minnesota,
Wisconsin, most of Iowa and the northern third of Illinois.


A moderately dense area of smoke mixed with weather clouds extends from
the fires south of Lake Athabasca Saskatchewan east across Reindeer Lake
and southeast across Lake Winnipeg to Thunder Bay and the area west and
southwest of James Bay.


Unless otherwise indicated:
  • Areas of smoke are analyzed using GOES-EAST and GOES-WEST Visible satellite imagery.
  • Only a general description of areas of smoke or significant smoke plumes will be analyzed.
  • A quantitative assessment of the density/amount of particulate or the vertical distribution is not included.
  • Widespread cloudiness may prevent the detection of smoke even from significant fires.