Wednesday August 16, 2006

THROUGH 0130Z August 17, 2006.

California/Nevada/Idaho/Montana/Wyoming/Northern and Central Plains/Upper
and Lower Mississippi Valley/
British Columbia/Alberta/Saskatchewan/Manitoba:
Although clouds covers most of these areas, it can be seen from this
evening's satellite imagery that a thin plume of smoke covers a large area
of the western and northern/central U.S. (including all of Idaho, Montana,
and the Dakotas, and portions of Minnesota, Wyoming, and Washington)
and southern/central Canada (British Columbia, Alberta, Saskatchewan,
and Manitoba) from the numerous wildfires burning across the region
during the last few weeks.

The largest smoke producing fires from the smoke mentioned above are:

Two fires in the four-county corner(Del Norte, Siskiyou, Humboldt, and
Trinity counties) in northwestern California are producing moderately
dense to locally dense plumes of smoke that is fanning out to the east
and has covered western half of Siskiyou and northern Trinity counties. A
fire in Yuba county is producing a narrow area of moderately dense smoke
moving northeast across central Plumas and Lassen counties to the border
of Nevada and California. A fire in eastern Tulare county in the Sequoia
National Forest is producing an area of moderately dense smoke moving
east NE across Inyo county to the Nevada-California boundary.

The fire in the Deschutes National Forest is continuing to burn with
very thin to moderately dense smoke moving east firstly, then curving
to the south  across almost all of Deschutes county.

The Tripod/Complex fire burning in the Okanagan National Forest in
northern Washington is producing a large area of thick smoke moving
northeast into southern British Columbia and Alberta.

Two fires in Oneida and Slaine counties are producing large areas of
dense smoke moving northeast and combined with the large areas of dense
smoke from two fires in Elko county of Nevada. The dense smoke from those
fires has covered eastern half of Idaho and northeastern corner of Nevada.

A fire along the western border of Marrison and Panola counties in eastern
Texas is producing a moderately dense plume of smoke that is moving north
reaching the intersection among Texas, Oklahoma, and Arkansas. A fire in
eastern Otoka county of Oklahoma is producing a moderately dense plume
of smoke moving north NE across southeastern Pittsburg, all of Latimer,
eastern Le Flore, and norhtern Pushmataha counties of Oklahoma.



Unless otherwise indicated:
  • Areas of smoke are analyzed using GOES-EAST and GOES-WEST Visible satellite imagery.
  • Only a general description of areas of smoke or significant smoke plumes will be analyzed.
  • A quantitative assessment of the density/amount of particulate or the vertical distribution is not included.
  • Widespread cloudiness may prevent the detection of smoke even from significant fires.