Friday, December 29, 2006

THROUGH 2345Z December 29, 2006

Fire activity over the contiguous United States was rather modest this
evening with the most widespread activity focused over the San Joaquin
Valley of California.  Smoke was not observed in this area primarily
due to persistent high cloud cover which lasted much of the day.

Only significant smoke observed on satellite imagery this afternoon was
associated with localized agricultural burns over southern Alabama and the
Florida Panhandle.  The smoke emitting fires were located over southern
Covington county and western Dale county in Alabama.  Smoke plumes
associated with the above mentioned fires were lifting northwest and were
mostly thin with the one exception being a very localized area of moderate
density smoke that occurred earlier this afternoon with the fire over
southern Covington county.  A suspected fire over western Walton county
in the Florida panhandle was emitting what was believed to be a thin smoke
plume that was also drifting northwest towards northern Okaloosa county.



Unless otherwise indicated:
  • Areas of smoke are analyzed using GOES-EAST and GOES-WEST Visible satellite imagery.
  • Only a general description of areas of smoke or significant smoke plumes will be analyzed.
  • A quantitative assessment of the density/amount of particulate or the vertical distribution is not included.
  • Widespread cloudiness may prevent the detection of smoke even from significant fires.