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Satellite Based Oil Detection Literature

Automatic detection and estimating confidence for oil spill detection in sar images *

Oil spill detection by SAR images: Dark Formation Detection, Feature extraction and classification algorithms *

Low-Backscatter Ocean Features in Synthetic Aperture Radar Imagery *

Detection and tracking of oil slicks on sun glittered visible and near infrared satellite imagery *

The SAR User's Manual: Chapter 11. Oils and Surfactants *

Oil Spill detection by Satellite Remote sensing *

MODIS DATA Processinng for Coastal and Marine Environment Monitoring: A Study on Anomaly Detection and Evolution in Gulf of Cagliari (Sardinia-Italy) *

MODIS Detects Oil Spills in Lake Maracaibo,Venezuela *

Detection of natural oil slicks in the NW Gulf of Mexico using MODIS imagery *

Exploting Sunglint Signatire from MERIS and MODIS Imagery in Combination to SAR data to Detect Oil Slicks *

An Overview of MODIS Capabilities for Ocean Science Observations *


* Indicates a link outside the U.S. Government.

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