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Pacific Tropical Satellite Imagery

Note: Polar microwave imagery is available for the sectors below with resolutions of 4 KM or greater.

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West Pacific - Wide View
Tropical West Pacific Coverage Area
East & Central Pacific - Wide View
Tropical East and Central Pacific Coverage Area

Central Pacific
Central Pacific Coverage Area
East Pacific
East Pacific Coverage Area
Eastern East Pacific
Eastern East Pacific Coverage Area
West Pacific
West Pacific Coverage Area
West Central Pacific
West Central Pacific Coverage Area
West Coast
West Coast Coverage Area
Northwest Pacific
Northwest Pacific Coverage Area
Hawaii Coverage Area
Northeast Pacific
Northeast Pacific Coverage Area

Note: Eastern East Pacific images are also visible on the West Atlantic Imagery

Sea Surface Temperatures
Image Composites
Floaters System Status
Image Atlantic Pacific Atlantic Tropical Cyclone Bulletins
Loop Atlantic Pacific Pacific Special Hazards Special Messages

Geostationary Imagery from GOES-West Satellite, MTSAT-1R, and GOES-East for the Eastern East Pacific.


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