FVXX22 KNES 260311 VA ADVISORY DTG: 20190226/0311Z VAAC: WASHINGTON VOLCANO: FUEGO 342090 PSN: N1428 W09052 AREA: GUATEMALA SUMMIT ELEV: 12346 FT (3763 M) ADVISORY NR: 2019/192 INFO SOURCE: GOES-EAST. WEB CAM. NWP MODELS. VOLCAT. ERUPTION DETAILS: NEW VA EMS. OBS VA DTG: 26/0245Z OBS VA CLD: SFC/FL160 N1429 W09054 - N1426 W09051 - N1411 W09106 - N1423 W09113 - N1429 W09054 MOV SW 5-10KT FCST VA CLD +6HR: 26/0900Z SFC/FL160 N1429 W09053 - N1426 W09051 - N1409 W09105 - N1423 W09114 - N1429 W09053 FCST VA CLD +12HR: 26/1500Z SFC/FL160 NO ASH EXP FCST VA CLD +18HR: 26/2100Z NO ASH EXP RMK: RECENT INTERMITTENT VA PUFFS NOTED IN VOLCAT PROD AND IR STLT IMAGERY. WEBCAM NOT UP TO DATE. VA MOV TO SW. ...LEE NXT ADVISORY: WILL BE ISSUED BY 20190226/0915Z Full Size Graphic

-Graphic Map Depicting Ash