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Image Enhancement Information


Label Abbreviation Enhancement Descriptions:
Visible VIS Unenhanced Visible imagery that transitions to IR2 overnight
Shortwave (IR2) IR2 Channel 2 Shortwave Infrared imagery - Shortwave, sometimes considered "night visible"
Fire (IR2) IR2F IR Channel 2 with the standard fire enhancement
Fire Hot
IR2H IR Channel 2 with enhancemnet for the hot summer season
Fire Winter
IR2W IR Channel 2 with enhancement for the cool winter season
Water Vapor WV IR Channel 3
RGB RGB Combination of Visible and IR using a three channel technique to form a Red/Green/Blue false color image.
None IR4 Unenhanced Channel 4 Infrared Imagery
AVN AVN Aviation color enhancement
Dvorak BD Dvorak enhancement - used for Tropical Classifications with the Dvorak Technique
Funktop FT Funktop enhancement - developed by Ted Funk. Highlights intense areas of precipitation
JSL JSL JSL2 enhancement - developed by Jim Lynch. Used to bring out low level and high level clouds in tropical cyclones
Rainbow RB Rainbow enhancement curve - Colorful enhancement


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