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Real Time Satellite Fire Monitoring - Florida

Click on Image to enlarge. - Hit "Reload" to view the latest data - Images are updated every 30 minutes.

These images are considered "raw" data, with no analysis of fires and/or smoke. To view the official analyses by NOAA meteorologists, please see the Hazard Mapping System Fire and Smoke Product. Probable fires will appear as sharp white "spots" in the Reflectivity and Infrared images.

See a brief explanation of the Infrared Reflectivity Product.

GOES-East Visible
GOES-East Visible Image

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GOES-East Infrared Ch. 4
GOES-East IR Image

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GOES-East Infrared Ch. 2
GOES-East IR Image

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GOES-East Reflectivity
GOES-East Reflectivity Image

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GOES-East Shortwave Alb.
GOES-East Shortwave Albedo Image

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HMS Fire Analysis
NOAA-14 IR Image


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