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Fire Detects from the Moderate Resolution Imaging
Spectroradiometer (MODIS)

OSPO produces MODIS fire products using data from the near real-time NASA MODIS Rapid Response System. The MODIS instrument flies onboard the NASA TERRA and AQUA satellite, and the fire algorithm was developed by the MODIS Fire and Thermal Anomalies team.

The fire product received by OSPO is in large (~13mb) HDF files. We extract the fire positions and confidence values and place them into comma-delimited tables that it can be easily read into a Geographic Information System (GIS) as table data.

Users should note:

The most recent MODIS fire detects, as well as the other layers that make up the HMS Fire and Smoke Product, can best be viewed through our SPSD Fire Web-GIS page.

Download most current fire files (available in ASCII, GIS and graphic formats).

The recent fires identified by the MODIS fire product are shown below (README):

Latest 24-Hours of Fires Detected

The recent TERRA granules coverage are shown below (README):

Terra granules coverage

The recent AQUA granules coverage are shown below (README):

Aqua granules coverage