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Polar Satellite Imagery

Polar imagery over a given area is much less frequent than Geostationary imagery. So for standard visible and Infrared, the Geostationary images are used for sectors. Polar Mapped Mosaic Satellite Composite Images are used for daily snapshots of the entire Northern Hemisphere, Southern Hemisphere, or a mercator projection view of the Tropics.

Because of the layout of the GOES imagery, the polar DMSP, AMSU and TRMM imagery has been mapped to match these sectors, allowing the use of some of the same overlay information. At this point in time, only areas primarily over the ocean have been included.

*note* TRMM imagery is not available north of 35 N due to the orbit of the spacecraft and has not been used on sectors extending north of 35 degrees North Latitude.

Available Sectors

Tropical West Pacific - Wide View
Wide Tropical West Pacific Coverage Area
Tropical East Pacific- Wide View
Wide Tropical East Pacific Coverage Area
Tropical Atlantic - Wide View
Wide Tropical Atlantic Coverage Area


West Atlantic
West Atlantic Coverage Area Map
Caribbean Coverage Area Map
Central Atlantic
Central Atlantic Coverage Area Map
Eastern Atlantic
Eastern Atlantic Coverage Area Map
Gulf of Mexico
Gulf of Mexico Coverage Area Map
East U. S.
Eastern U. S. Coverage Area Map
Northwest Atlantic
Northwest Atlantic Coverage Area Map
North Atlantic
North Atlantic Coverage Area Map
Northeast Atlantic
Northeast Atlantic Coverage Area



West Pacific
West Pacific Coverage Area Map
West Central Pacific
Sample Coverage Area Map
Central Pacific
Central Pacific Coverage Area Map
East Pacific
East Pacific Coverage Area Map
Eastern East Pacific
Eastern East Pacific Coverage Area
West U. S.
Western U. S. Coverage Area
Northwest Pacific
Northwest Pacific Coverage Area Map
Northeast Pacific
Northeast Pacific Coverage Area Map